Commercial Data Warehouse: Assessment, Gap Analysis, & Roadmap

Massachusetts-based biotechnology company, Ardelyx was founded in 2007 and had their first commercial product approved in 2019. One of the company’s goals is to track and improve a patient’s journey; however, its wealth of commercial data and current-state systems architecture, which consisted of too many disparate data components, was a major obstacle.

The Challenge

Ardelyx’s data came from multiple sources and various file types. Not only were some of those sources not integrated with the company’s existing Master Data Management (MDM) and Commercial Data Warehouse (CDW), but there were limited data quality checks.

“[W]e needed an efficient and structured data warehouse that enabled us to utilize the information in a more digestible format. Our mission is to discover, develop and commercialize innovative first-in-class medicines that meet significant unmet medical needs. Our system wasn’t mature enough for major business developments, including additional products.” – Dan Olmstead, Vice President of Market Access

How Stratos Consulting Helped

To address the problem that would affect the company’s short- and long-term growth, Ardelyx enlisted the help of Stratos Consulting for their technology expertise and deep knowledge of the life sciences industry.

  • Conducted gap-analysis and interviewed key commercial stakeholders to assess the company’s existing commercial data landscape and its future goals
  • Analyzed Snowflake Commercial Data Warehouse and Tableau environment to identify and document gaps within the technical solutions
  • Developed a detailed breakdown of the current challenges and how best to address each based on priority

The Result

Stratos Consulting’s assessment highlighted the lack of data interoperability, the disconnect between the system’s data and its end users, inefficient reporting and data modeling capabilities from a third-party vendor, and areas where data governance could be optimized.

With this guidance, Stratos helped Dan and his team at Ardelyx define future-state opportunities and delivered a phased technology roadmap for creating a scalable, sustainable commercial data warehouse for cross-source analysis and future product integration.

“Stratos’ input has been extremely valuable, and their understanding of our operations and objectives is unparalleled. I’d highly recommend Nicho and the team, and I’m very optimistic about the next phase.” – Dan Olmstead