Never have a project fail again

We all know major data implementations can be a bit of a pain, especially with all of the people and moving parts. A key indicator of a successful one is starting with an assessment to uncover what you don’t know and make the full project seamless.

Becoming the hero of data projects

Whether it’s implementing a brand new data warehouse, ripping up all of the old pipelines and bringing in new technology, or simply getting some new data governance protocols adopted by the organization, in five easy steps you’ll learn how to:

  • Get team buy in to ensure that you’re not operating on an island and have true support from relevant teams
  • Identify and select a passionate and appropriate leader that can sponsor the initiative and also has the skills and desire to understand and execute accordingly
  • Create proofs of concept (POCs) that not only help lower the overarching project’s risk of failure but help give consistent and quick feedback on what’s working and what’s not
  • Gather all of the detailed requirements needed for success. We show you how to avoid missing or overlooking parts that could spell disaster later
  • Understand, document, and present fully on the gaps between where the business currently is, and where the business needs to be, and then how to fill them

Five Easy Steps To Running A Successful Data Assessment

Here at Stratos we’ve done countless rollouts of large data projects for almost all of our clients, and each one begins with a data assessment. We share our best practices, broken down into five easy steps, if you want to tackle the task yourself.


“Stratos’ input has been extremely valuable, and their understanding of our operations and objectives is unparalleled. I’d highly recommend Nicho and the team.”

– Dan Olmstead, Vice President of Market Access at Ardelyx

Conquer Your Next Project

In less than 10 pages you’ll learn the essential components of getting the better of the data project monsters in five easy steps. You can use it now even if you’ve already started, or keep it in your back pocket for the next one.

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