Move to Snowflake’s Modern Data Stack Cuts Data Infrastructure Expenses by 75%

The Challenge

After a successful Snowflake proof of concept (POC), our client – a mid-size Commercial Biopharmaceutical company – wanted to migrate its legacy data infrastructure to a modern data stack and bring their Commercial Data Warehouse (CDW) in-house ahead of their second product launch.

How Stratos Consulting Helped

As a Snowflake Services Partner with a specialization in Healthcare & Life Sciences, Stratos Consulting was tasked with improving the scalability and performance of the client’s Commercial Data Infrastructure.

By moving from Informatica Cloud, Amazon Redshift, and SQL Server to a modern data stack comprising of Snowflake, Fivetran, dbt, and Hightouch, the client achieved the following results:

  • Lowered Data infrastructure costs by $150K per year by moving to Snowflake’s modern data stack
  • Improved reporting performance by 86% as a result of improvements to the Commercial Data Warehouse with Snowflake and Tableau
  • Decreased Daily Veeva CRM replication processes from 1.5 hours to 5 minutes
  • Decreased Quarterly Veeva CRM Universe updates from 3.75 hours to 1 hour
  • Enhanced compliance and data governance to the highest industry standards
  • Reduced data pipeline maintenance from Veeva to Snowflake using Fivetran’s native functionality of propagating schema changes downstream
  • Implemented a scalable architecture that can accommodate future sources and data volume as their business continues to grow

The Result

In addition to time and cost savings, migrating from a legacy data infrastructure to a modern data stack simplified the client’s data transformation and modeling processes, providing better analytics and more timely insights.

Ultimately, the migration to Snowflake and a modern data stack makes maintenance of the client’s data easier and sets them up for success with a scalable architecture that can seamlessly incorporate future sources and data volume as the client launches more products and continues to grow.

If you’re tired of your legacy infrastructure’s complexity and high maintenance costs and are ready to modernize, schedule a call with a Stratos team member today to discuss your migration to a modern data stack.