Oracle EPM Cloud Updates for October 2023

For Test Environments: Oracle will apply this monthly update during the first daily maintenance that occurs at or after 22:00 UTC on Friday, October 6, 2023

For Production Environments: Oracle will apply this monthly update during the first daily maintenance that occurs at or after 22:00 UTC on Friday, October 20, 2023.

Key Updates for EPM Cloud

Allow connections from specific countries only to OCI environments

You can now request Oracle to allow connections originating from specific countries only to OCI (Gen 2) environments. After this request is implemented, any connection attempt originating from any other country will be blocked.

Change in sender email address on OCI environments

Starting with this update, the sender email address for the emails sent from OCI (Gen 2) environments will be changed to

REST APIs for deleting substitution variables

You can now delete:

  • Substitution variables for the application
  • Substitution variables for the plan type
  • A substitution variable for the application
  • A substitution variable for the plan type

New Version of Smart View

New features included:

  • Search for Reports, Documents, and Task Lists in Smart View
  • Member Selection Available for POV and Prompts in Reports
  • Insert Multiple Reports in the Same Workbook
  • New Search Field in Business Rules Dialog
  • Formula, Label, and Comment Rows and Columns Supported in Flex Forms
  • Set Formatting for Numbers in Oracle Essbase
  • Support for Special Characters in Oracle Essbase
  • New Diagnostic Options Settings to Focus Data Collection
  • New Health Check Setting to Enable Compatibility Between Smart View and Smart View (Mac and Browser)
  • Compatibility of Oracle Essbase Ad Hoc Grids Between Smart View and Smart View (Mac and Browser)
  • Support for Microsoft Office Themes (Including Dark Theme) for Extensions in Smart View
  • Improved Experience when Submitting from Free-Form Grid with Scaling Options Enabled
  • New VBA Functions: HypLoginEssbaseCloudBasicAuth and HypSetBasicAuthToken

Additional properties viewable in member information dialog box in Smart View

  • In the Member Information dialog, member properties are grouped and displayed on the following tabs. Only the tabs that are applicable to the member and connection are displayed.
  • The newly added properties include Smart List and Source Cube Information.
  • The newly added properties specific to dimension type are as follows:
  • Currency: Scale, Precision, Reporting Currency, Thousands Separator, Decimal Separator, Negative Sign, Negative Color
  • Scenario: Exchange Rate Table

Use Validate Metadata during a database refresh

The ‘Validate Metadata’ setting (formerly called Autocorrect Errors) scans for member identity (ID) mismatches between the business process and Essbase during the database refresh process and automatically resolves them.

New Import and Export Mapping Pipeline job type

New Import and Export Mapping job types are available that enable you to import and export member mappings from a .CSV or .TXT file format. The Import Member Mapping job type supports merge or replace modes, along with validate or no validate options for target members.

New Delete File option for File Operations job type

A new Delete option in the File Operations job type now enables you to delete a file from a source directory.

New Integration Pipeline job type in Job Scheduler

The new Pipeline feature orchestrates a series of jobs as a single process. In addition, you can orchestrate EPM Cloud jobs across instances from one location. Using the Pipeline, you get better control and visibility of full extended data integration process of preprocessing, data loading, and post processing jobs.

New Task Summary Option

The EPM Digital Assistant is now enhanced with a new option Show only my tasks that allows you to view the summary of your tasks under Task Summary.

Key Updates for Planning

More Additional Earnings, Benefits, and Taxes available in Workforce

In Workforce, you can now have a maximum of 30 members in any combination across Additional Earnings, Benefits, and Taxes.

Workforce Members added only when features are enabled

For new customers with new applications and new Workforce customers, some members are tagged with their corresponding features, so that the members are added only if you enable the associated feature.

New Workforce form to identify invalid data when mapping accounts for integration between workforce and financials

A new form, Identify Invalid Financials Mapping, is available in Workforce to identify missing or invalid mappings when you are mapping accounts for integration between Workforce and Financials.

Workforce rules and templates updated to include descriptions and comments

Workforce rules and templates have been updated to include descriptions and comments. You can review these descriptions and comments in the Rules card or in Calculation Manager.

If you have any questions regarding the features in current or future Oracle Release Updates, reach out to the Business Enablement and Managed Services team at Stratos.