Tableau Dashboards for Patient Services Outcomes & Reporting: Tracking the Journey from Prescription to Dispense

Ardelyx was founded in 2007 with a mission to discover, develop and commercialize innovative, first-in-class medicines that meet significant unmet medical needs. Today, Ardelyx (ARDX) is a publicly traded company whose first approved product, IBSRELA® (tenapanor), is widely available in the U.S. and Canada.

The Challenge

IBSRELA is a first-in-class therapy for the treatment of adults with irritable bowel syndrome with constipation (IBS-C). To ensure that appropriate and qualified individuals prescribed this medication can access it, Ardelyx created a patient assistance program called ArdelyxAssist™.

Previously, Ardelyx’s Patient Services team would spend several hours each month creating operational reports in Excel to gauge the efficacy of the program starting from when an IBSRELA prescription was written to the point when the patient received the medication. Data quality challenges caused inaccuracies within those reports, and it was difficult to perform analyses for any ad-hoc questions that arose.

“In patient services, we usually are rich in data but lack appropriate tools and analytics to effectively follow the patients’ journey and outcomes. Disparate sources are often required to pull together an effective patient story and we needed a better way to combine the data and translate it into a usable format. Then, we’d be able to visualize it more easily, make decisions and conduct calculations, all while better handling the volume of information.”

— Gregory Leighton, Jr., Vice President of Access Strategies and Patient Services for Ardelyx

How Stratos Consulting Helped

Ardelyx had first collaborated with Stratos to conduct a gap-analysis and interview key commercial stakeholders to assess the biotechnology company’s existing commercial data landscape and future goals.

Having successfully defined future-state opportunities and delivered a phased technology roadmap for creating a scalable, sustainable commercial data warehouse for cross-source analysis and future product integration, Stratos sourced data from Snowflake to develop a series of tools and dashboards to monitor and report the outcomes of ArdelyxAssist:

  • Executive Leadership Dashboards provide high-level insights that are shared during quarterly business reviews and company updates
  • Access Manager Dashboards provide automated reports and operational insights related to territory performance and metrics
  • Proactive Client Notifications when data issues arise based on defined business rules

By updating processes and enhancing their analytical capabilities, Ardelyx’s Access Strategies and Patient Services team can easily track and prove the efficacy of their programs and focus more of their time on other mission-critical tasks.

The Result

The entirety of this project has set the foundation for future Ardelyx products and will act as the springboard for how the company will continue to perform analytics across its brands and disease states. The information makes it easier for Ardelyx to make critical decisions that impact outcomes, and by aggregating data across sources, the Ardelyx team can better identify gaps at any level to identify trends, both positive and negative.

“From phase one, we’ve seen a 50% improvement in time to access, and early indicators from provider information are showing a significant boost in access. Before we had these dashboards, we weren’t fully able to articulate whether a patient got on therapy with IBSRELA in a timely fashion, which is the biggest measure of success in ArdelyxAssist. Now, we are able to visualize data to understand why certain areas excel and make an impact on those that need improvement.”

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