Outpace Change through Resilience and Ability

See and Embrace Future Demand

Technological advances and changing customer demands force adaptation. Our holistic approach to client technology is tailored, hands-on and built for the long term. Be confident in growth knowing Stratos is on top of every update, tip and trick to keep both your team and your customer experience scaled and strong.

What We Do

Tailored Training

New systems are only as good as our clients’ comfort level when using them. That’s why Stratos stresses tailored, hands-on training to assure our partners fully understand new system features to their greatest benefit.

Solution Enhancements

One size fits one, not all. Our solutions and deliverables are custom for each client partner’s needs, expectations and goals.

Comprehensive Documentation

Stratos works with clients to understand key business processes and creates meaningful, maintained documentation for future reference. Our comprehensive documentation empowers users to confidently move forward without worrying about system obsolescence.

Maintenance & Support

Sustainability is a Stratos core value. Our dedication to long-term relationships assures uninterrupted operation and success for our clients.

Stratos - What We Do
Drive Adoption & Change Together

Our Approach

Drive Adoption & Change Together

We understand that adopting new technical solutions can be both intimidating and frustrating. To help alleviate the challenges, we adapt our support model to the culture of our clients’ organization and enable the business users to be successful by leveraging a series of Enablement Workshops throughout our partnership.


Master Data Management

Data Governance, Data Security, Hierarchy Management, Data Warehouse Management

  • EPMWare
  • Informatica MDM

Data Ingestion & Transformation

ETL / ELT, Data Transformation, Pushdown Optimization, Data Validation, Security

  • Fivetran
  • Coalesce
  • Dbt
  • Hightouch
  • Informatica Cloud
  • Informatica PowerCenter

Data Cloud Platform

Enterprise, Financial, Commercial, Sales, R&D, Customer, and Supplier

  • Snowflake

Analytics & Storytelling

Executive Dashboards, Monthly Reporting Clinical Trial Analytics, Commercial and Sales Analytics, Medical Information Insights, Sales Force Effectiveness, Self-service Data Visualizations, Enterprise Reporting, Mobile Analytics

  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Sigma

Case Studies


“My experience with Stratos’s Business Enablement and Managed Services report has renewed my faith in third-party support. Any support ticket filed gets a response within 15 minutes and a resolution (depending on complexity) typically within the hour or day. It feels like I have my own customized, in-house PBCS support partner, because my support partner is very knowledgeable of any history and customized features my [Oracle EPM Cloud Planning] tool may have. I couldn’t be happier with the service I get from Stratos.”

Vice President of Finance

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