Maximizing Time: How Snowflake Supports Resource-Constrained IT Teams

Ask anyone in IT what they wish they had to make their jobs easier and the most common answers are more time or more team members.

Constantly limited by the amount of time they have in a day (and that day is well beyond the 9 to 5), IT has to prioritize tasks which means that someone will usually be upset because their task is left behind.

Anyone responsible for business-critical applications and data platforms knows this feeling – and adding new technologies to the mix only makes IT’s job that much more challenging because now they need to get up-to-speed with the new tech.

While databases have gotten better with the advent of the cloud, technologies like Redshift or Azure still require a certain level of infrastructure knowledge to be able to handle unexpected issues related to scale and performance.

This would not be a big issue if the IT person’s sole focus was on that database, but the reality is that they do not have the time to become experts on every technology that the business uses.

That’s where the power of Snowflake comes in. Snowflake requires minimal maintenance for performance and scale. You can quickly toggle the size of the warehouse through 1-click to help optimize performance if things start to slow, or even have it auto-scale without you having to lift a finger!

When loading data to the platform, Snowflake’s intelligent architecture automatically stores the data for optimal performance, almost eliminating the risk of unexpected errors when querying the data via a BI or analytics tool.

For the time-constrained IT person, this makes their job so much easier because it lowers their worry that something is going to go wrong with their Snowflake data platform. Instead of constantly worrying about what’s going to break next, IT can rest easy at night knowing that they are actually supported by the technology that they are using.

These are just a few examples of how Snowflake simplifies the management of your functional or enterprise data platform and puts time back in your day. To learn more about the Snowflake Data Cloud platform and the time-savings it can yield for your IT team, contact Stratos Consulting today.